European currency increases in price moderately


On Friday, November 23, experts fix the gradual rise in the price of the single European currency in relation to the US, which lasted for two trading sessions.

According to analysts, the moderate strengthening of currencies such as the euro and the British pound contributed to the signals of a possible compromise between the UK and the European Commission on further relations after Brexit. It is expected that the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU will be the main topic at the upcoming Sunday summit of European leaders.

Experts note that the appreciation of the European currency and other funds was not ubiquitous. The reason for this is that they consider the current uncertainty in the Brexit questions. At this stage, the American currency has no motivation for growth, although in the preceding weeks the US dollar strengthened significantly. Experts are confident that the prospect of a Fed rate hike in December of this year was laid in the dynamics of the American currency. They pay attention to the movement of the EUR / USD pair, predicting its further strengthening.


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