Trump and the "Group of Seven"

Trump and the "Group of Seven"

The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un drew attention from the scandalous failure of the G-7 summit, but not for long.

The focus again is on the new tariffs by Trump and the prospect of trade wars.

Trump threatens Canada: the harsh words to Trump's address of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau "will cost Canada a lot of money."

In response to the new tariffs on steel and aluminum introduced by Trump, Canada will introduce a response fee on July 1 for a number of goods from the United States such as toilet paper, whiskey, orange juice.

Officials in Canada estimated that Trump's new tariffs would increase unemployment in Canada by 6,000, reduce Canada's GDP by 6 billion US dollars, and Canada is stronger than other countries suffering from Trump's tariffs.

For imports or exports of goods, Canada has a surplus of approximately $ 20 billion with a total trade volume of $ 300 billion. However, taking into account export/import of services, the balance is minimal.

Trump also said that, it is unclear from the calculations and Canada's excess in trade with the US worth "in 100 billion dollars."

Germany's Prime Minister Merkel said that, given the export / import of services, the United States has a positive trade balance with Europe.

This obviously implies that Germany and the EU as a whole will take a tough stance on Trump's new duties.

This only the beginning.

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