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Major news of the crypto market for October 18


Alessio Rastani waits for a bear market.

Over the past few months, Bitcoin has continued to rise and has almost reached its historic peaks at around $65,000. There are still 3,000/4,000 dollars left to go up, and this mark will be conquered for the second time in the history of cryptocurrency. However, despite the bright "bull market" at present, some analysts are already waiting for a downward reversal and transition to the "bear market" stage. For example, Alessio Rastani, who is a crypto expert and trader, believes that Bitcoin is now in the fifth stage (wave) of the "bull market" and may rise in price to $100,000. However, the trend will end next year, and it will be replaced by a "bearish trend," which may last for several years. Rastani also expects a strong correction in the stock market. And these two events can coincide in time with each other.

Jacobi Asset Management has been cleared to launch Bitcoin ETF.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has issued another approval to launch an ETF. Jacobi intends to launch its ETF on the Cboe Europe stock exchange after all the formalities with the UK regulatory authorities have been settled. "The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF will provide investors with the opportunity to directly participate in physically-settled bitcoin," said company chairman Roy McGregor. Earlier, the SEC approved ProShares' application to launch an ETF fund, and bitcoin futures will be traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Analysts expect Bitcoin to continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Leading CIS analysts also believe that Bitcoin will continue to rise in the near future. Very little remains to pass to the historical maximum, and at the level of $65,000, a certain number of traders and investors may join the "bull market," who will be sure of the cryptocurrency rate for $100,000. However, there may still be some correction around the $65,000 mark, as the whales may start taking profits on long positions around this level. They are unlikely to completely exit the market by selling Bitcoin, but they will sell a certain part of their Bitcoin assets. This can lead to the construction of a corrective wave.

Also, some analysts suggest that a new wave of panic buying may begin at $65,000. Usually, the term "panic" is applied to sales, but in this case, it may be the other way around. Traders will rush to buy bitcoin at any price, expecting an even greater increase in value, as a result of which bitcoin may start to rise in price by tens of percent per day. However, this movement will not last long.

The Fed is also in the game.

Many experts expect the bitcoin target mark at $100,000, and after reaching which a correction will inevitably follow. And if you believe Alessio Rastani, then a new bearish trend. I would like to note that a lot will depend on the Fed, which is now receiving a lot of attention. If the US central bank does begin to taper QE in November, as many expect, the stock and cryptocurrency markets may lose one of their growth drivers. The tapering of QE will mean that inflation will begin to decline, which means that investors and traders will no longer need to look for instruments to hedge inflation. And with the increase in rates, Treasuries will again become popular.

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