The fall of the euro will continue, and the dollar will grow, and this is why


The euro is likely to continue falling. There is no good news for the single currency, and the EC has also reduced growth forecasts in Italy, reinforcing investors' concerns about the debt of the third largest economy in the eurozone.

The Italian economy is expected to slow down growth over the next two years, which threatens to increase the budget deficit and supports the Commission's view that the draft budget for 2019 in Italy violates EU budget rules. A new forecast sent the euro down. It is worth noting that before that the currency was able to partially compensate for the losses, but this did not last long.


The weakness of the euro strengthens the dollar rebound, the election results were in line with expectations and mean that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates. The dollar will continue its rise in the medium term under the sigh of relief in the markets after the results of elections in the United States. Now, the attention has shifted to the meeting of the Federal Reserve System. In the coming weeks and months, the market will have to make its own conclusion about what will happen to the US economy and how far the Fed will go, based on Trump's fiscal and trade policy under the new conditions in Congress. Already, it is safe to say that positive salary data, price data, and the labor market will provide additional support for the dollar.


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