All attention to the Fed at 18.00 London time today

All attention to the Federal Reserve at 18.00 London time today.

Today, on Thursday, at 18.00 London time, the Fed will publish a decision on rates and a statement on the US economy.

What to look at?

First - will the rate increase? Most experts believe - it will not increase, they will leave it at the level of 2.00-2.25%.

Second, what will be seen from the statement - will the rate be raised further or will they go on hold?

How to understand this? From what will be emphasized: on the risk of accelerating inflation (accelerating wage growth, prices of goods and assets) or the risk of slowing economic growth? In the first case, they will further increase; in the second - they will stop.

This year, the Fed will hold another meeting on December 18-19, the decision will be released on December 19, at this meeting, the Fed will publish a new forecast for the state of the economy and rates - this forecast comes out twice a year.

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