Fractal analysis for GOLD on June 14

Forecast for June 14:

Analytical review on the scale of H1:


По Gold основными ключевыми уровнями в масштабе Н1 являются: 1317.09, 1308.97, 1305.28, 1300.97, 1287.67 и 1281.60. Здесь, продолжения For Gold, the main key levels in H1 scale are: 1317.09, 1308.97, 1305.28, 1300.97, 1287.67 and 1281.60. Here, the continuation of the movement towards the top is expected after the breakdown of 1300.97. In this case, the first target is 1305.28. In the area of 1305.28 - 1308.97 is the consolidation of the price. The breakdown of the level of 1308.97 should be accompanied by a pronounced upward movement. Here, the potential target is 1317.09

The level of 1291.63 is a key support for the local upward structure on June 5. It will lead to a breakdown in the development of a downward movement. In this case, the target of 1287.67 will consolidate around this level. For the potential value for the bottom, consider the level of 1281.60.

The main trend is a local structure for the top of June 5.

Trading recommendations:

Buy: 1301.00 Take profit: 1305.00

Buy 1305.30 Take profit: 1308.90

Sell: 1291.30 Take profit: 1288.00

Sell: 1287.20 Take profit: 1281.60

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