Vast Bank, now one of the first federally chartered US bank, will allow buying, storing and exchanging Bitcoin for fiat:


Vast Bank will provide an opportunity for its clients to buy, sell and store bitcoins directly on the client's current account.

Many analysts are already predicting a subsequent wave of bitcoin integrations to other banks in the United States of America. This is truly phenomenal news for the crypto market. Previously, historically, it happened that companies that were engaged in digital cryptocurrencies could not intertwine with the banking sector, and even more so that some federal banks would provide services related to cryptocurrency.

This is really a step in the right direction, and perhaps it is a turning point. This is a real merger of fiat funds and digital financial instruments.

Judith Rinearson, who is an expert who helps clients use cryptocurrency, said: "In the near future, it will be possible to see more American banks that allow you to buy and store cryptocurrency. The US National Bank has taken a very tough approach to regulating the cryptocurrency market."

Vast Bank is confident that if they move in the legal field and comply with all the requirements of the National Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission, nothing will prevent them from developing in the cryptocurrency direction.


Brad Scrivener, CEO of Vast Bank, has always believed that the transition to cryptocurrency funds in the country's federal banks will be inevitable, and it's only a matter of time before it takes place. Supervision is very important to ensure the safe conduct of transactions and for innovative innovations.

Brad Scrivener also said that the bank is fully familiar with the regulation and is ready to comply with all their requirements and act openly and transparently to ensure the safety of the financial system.

According to the CEO of Vast Bank, more and more investors and owners of fiat wallets want to switch to cryptocurrency, but there is a catch in the decentralized blockchain, which can scare away many investors, since it is unregulated and carries much more risks than the national bank.

More than 50% of the presidents of the United States of America are interested in cryptocurrencies. Vast Bank sees this as a prospect to remain a relevant innovative bank in an ever-changing financial market. This may be the first step in the full implementation of cryptocurrencies in the country's federal banks.

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