The self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin believes that investors will eventually sell the cryptocurrency.


There's a huge number of opinions about what awaits bitcoin in the future. If you will take a closer look many of these opinions coincide. The problem is that investors, economists, owners, miners often talk about the prospects of the "cue ball" that means different periods of time. For example, when experts say that bitcoin can grow to $ 100,000 per coin, they often mean the near future. But what are the prospects for bitcoin? for example in 5 years? We already see that central banks and governments are developing new legislation and decrees that will be designed to control and regulate the field of cryptocurrencies. Taxes, fines, decrees and the procedure for conducting business in this area are being introduced. Christine Lagarde and Jerome Powell believe that cryptocurrencies need to be controlled, as they are often used in illegal transactions. It is unlikely that the heads of the two largest central banks in the world are just talking about it. Certainly, the corresponding software is already being developed which will be designed to control the turnover of digital currencies. What if in a couple of years, bitcoin will be fully controlled and it will be visible to whom and from whom and how much money was deposited to the account? Then, the very essence of the digital currency will disappear because initially the cryptocurrency was conceived as an anonymous means of payment. However, back to the forecasts. The sister of Craig Wright, who recently proclaimed himself the creator of bitcoin predicted that the growth of the cryptocurrency to $ 142,000 is based on Elliott's wave analysis. According to her, bitcoin will grow to $ 90, 000 by May this year and to $ 142,000 by March 2023. The creator of the number 1 cryptocurrency himself said in his opinion in a recent interview that by the time that all investors will eventually get rid of the cryptocurrency, they will understand that it is not suitable as a payment method. He also compared bitcoin to a Ponzi scheme, which is a banal pyramid scheme. Its essence is known in our time to anyone. It consists in attracting investor money on favorable terms. Senior investors receive payments that are formed from the contributions of junior investors or those who came to the pyramid later than others. Sooner or later, the pyramid will collapse and most junior investors will lose their money. Thus, Wrighty believes that the price of bitcoin will fall down sooner or later. "The price (for bitcoin-approx. author) is growing because people are paying. But this process will not last forever. Good old Charles Ponzi did it, too and Mr. Madoff. Eventually, people will leave, he said. It should also be noted that there is no evidence that it was Craig Wright who created bitcoin. According to Wright himself, bitcoin was developed by a team of several people that included himself.

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