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MicroStrategy decides to buy more Bitcoin


The bitcoin exchange rate is trading near the level of $50,000 per coin and is not even going to stop there. Ether is also not far from its highs, but it is still correcting and is now near the level of $1,745. At the moment, there are no discussions on any fall of the two largest cryptocurrencies. This is pretty logical, considering the latest news. For the past two weeks, everyone has been talking about Elon Musk's posts on Twitter and Tesla's decision to buy $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. These events led the cue ball to the cost of $50,000 per coin. However, further messages began to arrive, saying that the oldest banks, payment systems, and some other companies were already ready to join the cue ball hype. Since bitcoin and ether are already traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the popularization of the cryptocurrency segment is in full swing. In the future, bitcoin is going to be used as payment for goods and services. Apple already provides its users with the ability to store cryptocurrencies on their phone. But at the same time, there is still a huge number of skeptics of bitcoin and other tokens remaining in the world. While they criticize the cue ball, the coin continues to break value records. Despite this, many believe that the "bubble" is inflating again and will soon burst. The problem is that bitcoin itself is worthless, so it doesn't have any fair value. It can cost as much as you want, just like other cryptocurrencies. Its price is formed solely on the basis of supply and demand. And supply and demand are formed from the hype. To put it simply, the more people join the general mainstream in order to make money on the rise, the more expensive the cryptocurrency becomes. But this does not mean that it becomes more useful or more scarce. Just yesterday, it became known that MicroStrategy is going to raise $600 million of borrowed funds to buy more bitcoins. According to approximate estimates, the company's account already has about 72,000 coins, which is equal to 3.6 billion in dollar terms. The company has invested in bitcoin throughout 2020 and is now referred to as the "corporate sponsor" of bitcoin. The company, whose main activity is not actually related to investments in cryptocurrencies, but to business analytics, has risen in price by 580% during 2020 alone, due to its activity on the purchase of the number 1 cryptocurrency. Now, MicroStrategy is going to issue 600 million bonds for sale with a maturity in 2027. We also stand by the opinion that the "bubble" is inflated and will burst sooner or later. But while it is still growing, it is possible to make good money on it.

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