Not everyone is ready to follow the example of Elon Musk: Microsoft refused to buy bitcoins.


The bitcoin exchange rate has exceeded to $ 50,000 per coin! And he did it freely and naturally. However, as always the strongest upward movement continues and it is not yet clear what can stop it. Of course, sooner or later the traders and investors will start closing long positions, since bitcoin is an absolute investment tool. It is bought to earn money and not to make calculations in it or to store it. Thus, a serious wave of sales is imminent and the "bubble" itself can be properly deflated if it does not burst at all. But while this is not the case, you need to continue to trade for an increase since on a strong uptrend, everyone trades for an increase. However, it should be noted that the upward movement has weakened in recent weeks. After Musk's tweets and information about Tesla's purchase of 1.5 billion bitcoins, the price soared to $ 10,000 within a week. Now, the growth is frankly weak and only a few thousand dollars per week. Based on this, we conclude that the "cue ball" still needs a new recharge. In the near future, we should expect new comments from world-famous officials and economists?

Well, while in contrast, the statement was made by the president of Microsoft Corporation Brad Smith. He said that the third-largest company in the world by capitalization has no plans to buy bitcoins. "I haven't heard any new talk about bitcoin. If we change our investment policy on digital assets, then you will be the first to know about it, or at least the second, " Smith said on CNN. Thus, as we can see, not everyone experiences a nervous tremor and trepidation when they hear the word "bitcoin". Many companies do not really want to get involved with cryptocurrencies, as they understand their lack of security and banal complexity in using them in calculations. However, some payment systems and banks have announced the start of working with them to please the spirit of the times. They say that the 21st century has come, now it is absolutely normal, when a piece of code is paid for $ 50,000 and it goes instead of money, so why not give your customers the opportunity to store and pay with bitcoin through their products? This is the logic of Visa, Paypal and some banks that have recently announced their desire to work with digital assets. Now, in many ways, the popularity of the "cue ball" will depend on who else to join Tesla and Microstrategy. Because these two companies are still the major institutional investors of bitcoin. There were no further statements that anyone wanted to support them.

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