Microstrategy makes investment of $300 million in bitcoin.


Just yesterday, we discussed that Microstrategy announced its decision to raise about $600 million through its own securities in order to invest them in bitcoin. Notably, Microstrategy is the largest public holder of bitcoin. About 72,000 coins are placed on its accounts. The company started investing in the digital asset last year. Then, the dazzling rally of bitcoin led to a surge in the market value of the company itself and the growth of its shares. So, the company thought that this was a great chance to generate profit and increase value. Therefore, it decided to raise $600 million. And then another $300 million. Or $900 million? A new release has appeared on the company's website, which reports an increase in investment in bitcoin to $900 million. Some news agencies really believe that we are not talking about a $900 million investment but about an additional $900 million investment that is going to be raised in order to buy BTC. The main activity of the company is business analytics and the development of appropriate software. However, it seems that now it can already be called a crypto investment company.

The example of Tesla and Microstrategy was followed by another company - German SynBiotic SE, whose shares are listed on several stock exchanges. It announced its intention to invest money in bitcoin. The official press release says about the specific reasons for this decision, mainly associated with the current reality. The company believes that an excessive increase in the money supply in the European Union will inevitably lead to the depreciation of fiat money, so it wants to transfer part of its money to bitcoin. The head of the company explained that digital currencies are the exact opposite of traditional currencies as their issue is limited to 21 million coins (meaning bitcoin). He also notes the high degree of security against unauthorized access from the outside. "For this reason, we have more confidence in bitcoin in the long term than in the euro or dollars as the central bank can increase the money supply at any time," Lars Mueller pointed out. The most interesting thing is that SynBiotic SE, like Microstrategy, is not an investment company or a financial company. It is focused on medical cannabis needs. It is also reported that in Germany there are one or two other companies that also invested in bitcoin last year, but did not make public statements about this. Thus, we already know about at least four companies that invest in bitcoin. Undoubtedly, they are going to continue to do so. As the number of companies focused on virtual assets is growing, the rally of bitcoin is likely to continue.

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