Supreme Court's betrayal and Washington streets' rallies over the weekend


Supporters and opponents of the still-incumbent US president, Mr. Donald Trump clashed at rallies during the weekend, wherein several people were injured. This happened before the US Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit of the Attorney General of Texas to review the results of the presidential elections in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to the official version, Democrat Mr. Joe Biden won the victory in all these states. It should be recalled that more than 100 Republicans in Congress, 17 Republican states and Trump himself joined the lawsuit. However, the Supreme Court decisively and quickly dismissed the claim, stating that Texas had failed to prove its legal right to make such claims. According to the court, the state has no legal interest in holding elections in other states. In view of this, Donald Trump tweeted that the Supreme Court has really let him and his supporters down. "No wisdom, no courage!"

As a result, fights and shooting between Trump's supporters and opponents were observed one day later in Olympia City, Washington. One person even received a gunshot wound. Apparently, the opposing groups were ready for confrontation and were well armed.

However, the riots did not pass by the US capital, Washington, since four people were seriously injured in the commotion and several thousand people took part in the action.

Following these events, American media called Mr. Joe Biden, as the new US president. According to official data, the Democrat received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, namely 306 (Trump has 232).

On December 14, the electoral college from 50 states and the District of Columbia will elect the country's new president, and only after that will the Congress officially approve the results of the US presidential elections. The electoral vote is the second stage of the electoral process in the United States, which confirms the vote of ordinary voters on November 3. In those States where the majority of voters supported the current leader of the country, Republican Mr. Donald Trump, Republican electors will vote. On the other hand, in those States where Democrat Mr. Joe Biden won – Democrat electors will vote.

It should be noted that Biden won the majority of votes in 25 states, as well as in the District of Columbia during the electoral voting on November 3. This should bring him the support of 306 electors, which is 36 more votes than the 270 needed to win. Meanwhile, the still current US President, Trump, won 25 States, gaining 232 electors.

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