Analysis and trading recommendations for the GBP/USD pair on July 22, 2020

Trading recommendations for the GBP/USD pair on July 22


Analysis of transactions

The "buy" signal presented for the British pound worked perfectly. The quote was able to test the level of 12674 in the trading chart (green rectangle), which led to a 40-pip increase in the pound. In addition, the decline in the quote which occurred in the second half of the day led to a rise to the area of the daily target 1.2725, where it was necessary to exit the market.


However, the pressure on the pound may return, so be careful with buying positions at current prices. At the moment, there are no news regarding Brexit, but the topic remains rather painful for the British pound, as any news about it may lead to a sharp decline.


  • Buy positions when the quote reaches the level of 1.2738 (green line on the chart), targeting the value of 1.2776 (thicker green line on the chart). Good Brexit news will push the pair higher. Exit the market when the quote reaches 1.2776.
  • Sell positions when the quote reaches 1.2713 (red line on the chart), which coincides with the lowest level reached today. The test of it will lead to a fall to the level of 1.2675, where it is best to exit the market since many traders opened long positions from this range yesterday, and it could happen today as well.


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