Economic calendar. Events of the upcoming week

Economic calendar June 15-21, 2020 (London time)

The article highlights the most important indicators and events of the economic calendar from the United States, the European Union and the UK, as they are most likely to affect the movement of the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs.


The economic calendar Monday (June 15) does not contain important news and indicators. Nevertheless, among the statistics published on this day, one can take note of the eurozone trade balance (9:00) and the Treasury International Capital (TIC) (20:00) report from the US Treasury. The flows of TIC long-term securities can have their influence in resolving the trade deficit by the US government, therefore, in the news economic background, they are usually closely monitored by investors.

9:00 eurozone trade balance

20:00 Purchases of TIC long-term securities (US)


On Tuesday (June 16) in the morning we are expected to receive data from the Office for National Statistics of the UK. Among the most significant at 6:00, the following indicators will be announced, such as the number of applications for unemployment benefits, unemployment and employment changes.The results of an average salary level taking into account bonuses is also set to be published. The indicator is calculated weekly for the last three months and compared with last year for the same period, which allows you to track short-term changes in incomes of citizens. At the same time, the German Federal Statistical Office will announce data on changes in consumer prices.

At 9:00, the Center for European Economic Studies will provide a ZEW report on economic sentiment in Germany. In our turbulent times, an analysis of the financial preferences of more than three hundred German institutional investors and analysts (banks, insurance companies, largest enterprises) can have a significant impact on the mood of the foreign exchange market. The ZEW report will also be presented in the whole eurozone.

In the afternoon, we are waiting for statistics from the United States. Here in the general list you can highlight data on retail sales (12:30). Then at 16:15 the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve will report on the volume of industrial production and utilization factors of industrial capacities in the USA

06:00 Average Premium Income (UK)

06:00 Unemployment Rate (UK)

06:00 Change in the number of applications for unemployment benefits (UK)

06:00 Change in employment (UK)

06:00 Consumer Price Index (Eurozone)

9:00 ZEW Economic Sentiment Index in Germany

9:00 ZEW Economic Sentiment in the Eurozone

9:00 Salary Levels (Eurozone)

12:30 Retail Sales (USe)

13:15 Industrial output and industrial capacity factor (USe


On Wednesday, June 17, at 6:00, we are waiting for the next block of various economic data from the Office for National Statistics of the UK. This time, attention will be focused on changes in the purchase and selling prices of producers, as well as on various indicators with which the behavior of consumer and retail prices is characterized. Following (9:00) similar data will be announced for the eurozone.

In addition, on Wednesday at 9:30 (preliminary) an auction will be held to place 10-year federal bonds in Germany. As a result of the fact that Germany is currently the strongest EU economy, the Schuldverschreibung issue is able to exert some influence on the euro.

Also on Wednesday, it is worth paying attention to the OPEC monthly oil market report (11:00). Another important indicator will be connected with oil on this day - data on the changes that have occurred in US crude oil reserves. The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration is publishing the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held in the vaults of all US companies that can store more than 1,000 barrels. Now, during the oil wars, such information is of particular relevance.

From the remaining statistics for the United States on this day, we can distinguish items related to construction - the number of government permits for the construction of new residential buildings and changes in the volume of construction.

6:00 Consumer Price Index (UK)

6:00 Manufacturing Price Index (UK)

6:00 Retail Price Index (UK)

9:00 Consumer Price Index (Eurozone)

12:30 Building Permits (US)

12:30 Volume of construction of new houses (USA)

14:30 Crude Oil Reserves (USA)


In the morning of June 18, attention will be directed to information from leading European banks. At 8:00, the ECB Economic Bulletin will be published. The newsletter includes economic and financial information that the Governing Council of the regulator uses to make decisions. By tradition, the June Bulletin is distinguished by a more detailed analysis of economic and financial events. At 9:30, the ECB will provide information on targeted long-term refinancing operations. After 11:00, the Bank of England will start publishing its reports and decisions - the decision on the basic interest rate, the planned volume of asset purchases, and a summary on monetary policy.

In the afternoon, the time will come for economic data from across the ocean, among which we can note especially relevant in the current period statistics on the number of applications for unemployment benefits in the US (12:30), it will be supplemented by an employment index from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Fed will also provide data on production activity of about 250 leading industrial enterprises in the region

8:00 ECB Monthly Report

9:30 Target operations of long-term refinancing of the ECB

11:00 Bank of England Interest Rate Decision

11:00 Bank of England QE Total

11:00 Minutes of the meeting of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee

12:30 Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index

12:30 Philadelphia Federal Reserve Employment Index

12:30 Number of applications for unemployment benefits


At the end of the working week, we can anticipate information from the Office for National Statistics of the UK, which at 6:00 will provide a variety of statistics on retail sales. In parallel, statistics on Germany will be released (the main one is the producer price index).

The work from the United States will complete the working week, in the stream of which we can only note the Fed representatives at 16 and 17:00.

In addition, a summit of leaders of the countries of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) will be held on June 18 in a video conference format.

6:00 Retail Sales (UK)

6:00 Base Retail Index (UK)

6:00 Producer Price Index (Germany)

16:00 Speech by Fed Governor Quarles

17:00 Speech by Fed Chairman Powell

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