May kicked out, what will happen to the pound?


Market participants have lost faith in the fact that the British prime minister will be able to cope with the heat of passion. "She has failed, and her authority has been undermined," according to May's former co-workers. On Wednesday, the pound fell to its lowest level in three months, and dropped to $1.2790 by Thursday at the end of the European session. The annual low has been updated, what next?


Today, Theresa May meets with party members who want to oust her from the post of prime minister. She had faced such pressure before, but this time everything is much more serious. The chances of adopting her Brexit plan look extremely weak, the deputies' patience is running out.

Earlier this week, May promised to present her plan in early June. So she wants to win more time for herself. By the way, Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom at the same time. Here the question arises, will she be able to hold out these extremely disturbing few weeks?

According to sources, representatives of the Tories are very serious and will insist on the early resignation of the British prime minister. MPs may require Theresa May to leave her post until mid-June, and if this does not happen, they can initiate a new vote on a vote of no confidence.

Boris Johnson has confirmed that he will submit his candidacy as a receiver to May.

Earlier, the prime minister agreed to leave her post only in exchange for the approval of her version of the agreement.

Note that the British pound in tandem with the US dollar showed a significant and sharp drop in large volumes. This is an excellent "bearish" signal, since it means that it is the big players who continue to push the price down.

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