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Review of EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs on 04/26/2019: Not everything goes according to plan

The dollar not only suggests itself a correction but still climbs into the eyes. However, with each new day, it is deposited in an increasingly distant box and reinforces the already excessive overbought of the dollar. Although yesterday, unlike the previous days, the growth of the dollar was quite justified because despite the increase in the number of applications for unemployment benefits. Their number increased by 34 thousand due to an increase in the number of initial applications by 33 thousand and repeated per 1 thousand. The volume of orders for durable goods increased by 2.7% and this is almost three and a half times more than predicted. Hence, the further weakening of the single European currency is quite understandable. Yet, the fact that the pound almost stood still and the partners of Theresa May for the Conservative Party are guilty, whose demands to the "Iron Lady 2.0" stumped all those who were not involved. Few people understand how to get out of such a situation at all since their desire is to see a plan of action for the Prime Minister's resignation, which naturally is an indication of the exact date of such a significant event. After all, in essence, this means that Theresa May is extremely difficult to negotiate with Jeremy Corbin on the Brexit issue. She is in limbo and so with this ill-fated Brexit. It's completely incomprehensible to everyone.


Nevertheless, today we can see the long-awaited correction for the dollar. The trigger should be preliminary data on the United States GDP for the first quarter, which may show a slowdown in economic growth. Indeed, the US economy did not accelerate weakly and it showed an increase of as much as 3.0% at the end of last year. This is very much for the United States and everyone understands that this growth cannot last forever. Moreover, there are many signs of a clear deterioration in the economic situation, especially if you closely monitor stocks that have been growing for more than a year. These are clear signs of the growing crisis of overproduction and in an amicable way, the American economy needs to cool slightly to reduce tensions.


Hence, the single European currency has good chances to grow to 1.1200.


The political battles between Theresa May and of course, the conservatives are extremely exciting but the real state of the economy of the United States is somewhat more important than the next series of the popular television series. Thus, the pound will rise following the euro with the benchmark of 1.2950.


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