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GBP / USD h4. Options for the development of the movement from April 26, 2019 Analysis of APLs & ZUP

Minute (h4)

Great Britain pound vs US dollar

Previous Review from 04/19/2019 19:44 UTC + 3.


Since April 26, 2019, the development of Her Majesty's currency movement , i.e. GBP / USD currency pair, will continue within the equilibrium zone ( 1.2920 <-> 1.2835 <-> 1.2745 ) of the forked operating scale Minute.

The marking of movement options within the zone of the equilibrium of the Minute pitchfork is shown in the animated graphic.


The development perspective of the downward movement (sell)

If the level of support 1.2745 (the lower bound ISL61.8 balance scale forks operational zone Minute) will determine the further development of the movement of GBP / USD which is already in equilibrium zone (1.2745 <-> 1.2695 <-> 1.2655), and if the fork operational scale minute, and ISL61.8 (1.2655) is broken, then the downward movement of the financial instrument continues to the end of the line FSL Minute - level of support 1.2500.

Details look on animated graphics.


The development perspective of the upward movement (buy)

The breakdown of the resistance level of 1.2920 (upper limit of ISL38.2 forks operating scale Minute) will make it possible to reach the borders of the 1/2 Median Line channel (1.2935 <-> 1.2955 <-> 1.2975) of the operational scale Minute, in the case of breakdown of the upper limit (1.2975) of this channel, the upward movement of GBP / USD can be continued to the targets -> the final Schiff Line Minute ( 1.3025 ) <-> control line UTL Minute ( 1.3045 ) with the prospect of achieving local maximum 1.3132 by a currency instrument. Details are shown in animated graphics.


The review was compiled without regard to the news background. The opening of trading sessions of the main financial centers and is not a guide to action (placing orders "sell" or "buy").


Materials for the study of analysis ZUP & APL `s.

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