Trading Plan 02/06/2019

The big picture: There is no reason for optimism.

On Tuesday, the main event was Trump's speech in Congress addressing the country.

Trump again declared "We will build a wall!" (on the border with Mexico) and called on the Democrats to abandon the resistance to the financing of the wall but offered nothing to the Democrats, no compromise.

However, the temporary funding was signed only until February 15 and a red signal came on ahead of us.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, met with the EU leadership in Brussels but no breakthrough can be seen. According to rumors, there was a secret meeting of the Cabinet of May on the topic of "Postpone Brexit".

Against this background, another attempt to exit the euro from the 3-month range again failed.

Nevertheless, we are waiting for the start of the movement.

We are ready to buy euros from 1.1515.

On the other hand, we can sell from 1.1285.


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