Trading Plan 01/11/2019

The big picture: Shutdown in the United States and the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament.

In the British Parliament, the debate began on an agreement with the EU. According to the mood in the parliament, Theresa May can not get a majority. Voting is next Tuesday on January 15.

The second topic is the shutdown in the United States with Trump negotiations. On the other, Democrats in Congress have failed. Both sides are in tough positions as Trump is demanding money to build a wall with Mexico while the Democrats are firmly against. As a result, the budget has not been adopted and financing of government agencies is limited due to a small issue for the United States.

In Europe, new data show a sharp slowdown in demand for cars.

Overall, the US and EU economies show signs of slowing growth. This is a strong argument against the new rate hike by the Fed and that is against the dollar.

Euro: We keep purchases from 1.1500 per upward trend.


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