Forecast for EUR / USD for January 14, 2019


The events of world politics have shifted the usual ideas about backstage games of the American and British establishment. Shutdown in the United States against our expectations was the longest, the longest in US history, and the situation is only heating up. Rating agencies said they could lower the credit rating of the United States if the government debt limit is not raised until early March. Trump, at the end of the last year and the beginning of this year is not the same Trump, who gave all the positions at the beginning of his presidential term, now he is in power, he feels it, and he likes it. A positive moment for the dollar is the course of negotiations between the United States and China. The English Parliament does not get enough votes to adopt the May Agreement with the EU. Although the path to retreat is more thoughtful.

Technically, the euro is also in limbo. On the one hand, there is still potential for growth in the range of 1.1620 / 40 (with a preliminary overcoming of the strong level of 1.1570, the maximum on January 10), on the other hand, in the event of a May project failure, the price could go under 1.1400 with an eye to 1.1195. 1.1444 and 1.1400, technical levels on the daily timeframe are preliminary support in this scenario. We are waiting for tomorrow to resolve the situation in the English Parliament.



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