Trump continues to amaze

Trump continues to amaze.

On Wednesday, Trump took part in the meeting of the heads of state of the NATO countries. For obvious reasons, Trump was in the spotlight.

Trump demanded from NATO member countries to increase defense spending by 4% of GDP. This caused a general surprise: Now, most countries spend significantly less than 2%. In NATO, the goal is to achieve defense spending growth of up to 2% by 2024.

Trump sharply criticized Germany particularly on low defense spending (1.2% of GDP) - and attention for a new gas pipeline from Russia (Nord Stream - 2). Trump accused Germany that it was "subordinated to Russia" because of its dependence on Russian gas imports. Germany now receives 40% of gas from Russia. Merkel parried Trump's accusations, reminding that Germany is the second NATO member after the US for defense spending. Merkel also said that Germany is building up alternative energy and reducing the share of Russian gas.

Trump continued to attack Germany for relations with Russia in an appeal to NATO Secretary Stoltenberg. "We are taking measures against Russia (sanctions) in the US, and then Germany is spending many billions to buy Russian gas. Explain it! ", Trump said.

Merkel, and then Macron had personal talks with Trump, after which they said they were very satisfied with the negotiations.

It is interesting that Trump's attacks on Germany-Russia relations were made a few days before the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki.

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