What does the business crisis of O. Deripaska tells us?

The business of Oleg Deripaska was chosen by the United States for indicative flogging: Look, the main businessmen of Russia will be for everyone policy of the authorities of Russia to the confrontation with the West will continue and be strengthened.

Presumably, the logic of the Russian authorities when turning against the West looked like this: "We have nuclear weapons and powerful armed forces, we do not face a military confrontation.Our main resources - the sale of oil / gas / metals - is not at risk - resources are still needed, will buy, will not go anywhere "That is, there are no risks with anti-Western policies -. like, none.

Here, The USA and the West are now clearly demonstrating the risks of anti-Western policy including no loans, no new technologies, no acquisitions and business in the West.

Since the main business in Russia is very closely connected with the authorities, the current level of sanctions against Russia actually means a ban on the development of the Russian economy, partly, the use of Western resources (cheap credit) and technology.

There are only two options: either a long stagnation before the authorities turn to cooperate with the West - or an attempt to organize internal growth based only on one's own strength. The second one requires at least a full turn of the financial policy of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance in the direction of pro-active, pro-inflationary, and pro-scarce.

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