Burning forecast 04/12/2018

Burning forecast 04/12/2018

EURUSD: Growth under pressure.

The main factor: The world is closest to the global war from the "Caribbean crisis" of 1962.

Economic news faded into the background.

Trump has "considered" a massive missile attack on Syria for more than 48 hours as a retaliation for the use of chemical weapons in the Douma on April 7. Trump is consulting with the allies, so that the the attack would be from the coalition. Potentially, Britain and France will support the attack or be part of it.

In a statement by Trump on Wednesday, direct threats were made against Russia - he told them to wait for missiles fly to the country's ally, and they can try to shoot them down.

From Russia, threats were made not only to shoot down missiles - but also to strike at the sites where missiles were sent (!) - although the source of the statements is very strange - the Russian ambassador to Lebanon (!) - but he said it was an "official position." Neither Putin, nor the Ministry of Defense made such official statements. According to media reports, the Russian fleet left the port of Syria.

Flights over the Syrian region.

Until Trump decided to strike, the ship of the "Judgment Day" - the flying headquarters of the United States in the event of a nuclear war - was raised in the air.

Against this background came data on the US: inflation is gradually increasing + 2.1% per annum. The Fed's report showed a willingness to steadily and gradually raise the rate.

So, EURUSD: We are waiting for growth.

We keep buying from 1.2295 (stop-losses) and from 1.2350, stop at 1.2305, target is 1.2680.

Alternative: Sell from 1.2213, stop at 1.2258, profit at 1.2000.


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