Burning outlook: US Employment Report 12:30 London Time

Burning outlook: US Employment Report 12:30 London Time

Number of new jobs in the US in July - forecast +178,000.

Previous value of +222,000.

The forecast range is +144 +220 K.

Why is it important?

Employment and its dynamics are the most important factors of the state of the economy - along with GDP, inflation and interest rates.

It is obvious that the economy in a state of healthy growth when it generates new jobs. In contrast, while in a state of recession employment also falls.

The US economy is in a state of steady growth. +170 K is a good indicator.

However, to influence the Fed towards the direction of strengthening the policy of raising rates, you would need something more - for example, employment growth is higher than +220 K.

Our forecast is an attempt to increase the EURUSD rate above 1.1845 to 1.1950.

But in the event of a release of very strong data (above +220 K) - we will see a reversal and the euro will decline below 1.1780 towards 1.1680.

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