Miners panic because of the shortage of equipment on the market, bitcoin continues to grow.


The growth of the bitcoin rate is an avalanche. Four months ago, it cost a little more than $ 10,000 per coin, which was considered as a quite fair price and many miners calculated ROI when investing in mining equipment, since the reward for the mined coin is constantly falling (the specificity of the Bitcoin token). It is known that there are no more coins on the bitcoin network, even though if we consider all the branches (so-called forks) from the largest cryptocurrency, then this statement can be controversial. But we will assume that the "cue balls" themselves are no longer becoming. Therefore, the reward for each mined block decreases after a certain period of time. Therefore, mining with the same value of bitcoin may even become unprofitable. Or not so profitable that crowds of people invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment. Moreover, when bitcoin for a long time cost about 10-12 thousand dollars, no one knew where the cryptocurrency would move next. It seems that interest in it remains, but the cryptocurrency is not growing so that everyone rushes to buy and mine it. However, a lot has changed over the past four months. Now bitcoin costs $ 50,000 per coin, so mining it even with a reduced reward (calculated in blocks, not dollars) has become very profitable again. Therefore, a huge number of new miners rushed to buy equipment, even despite the fact that manufacturers raised the cost of it by half out of the blue. At the moment, the mining equipment market is experiencing a shortage of goods since many models are sold out on pre-orders for months in advance. There is a huge demand for supported equipment. There is a huge deficit in the semiconductor market. For example, the major miner manufacturer Bitmain completely sold out all of its products by August 2021. The model of the miner Antminer S19 Pro was sold at a price of $ 2000 apiece three months ago, now the price is $ 4000. According to the head of a large manufacturer of crypto-mining installations Canaan Inc. Nangeng Zhang, interest in cryptocurrencies will only grow due to recent statements by Elon Musk, as well as statements by many companies about their readiness to start official activities with cryptocurrencies. Also of great importance in the popularization of bitcoin and other tokens are statements of some banks about their readiness to start working with cryptocurrencies.

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