Elon Musk continues to manipulate the currency market


Once again, news from Elon Musk, who has recently become extremely interested in the cryptocurrency market, comes out. Recall that at first, his comment on the social network led to an increase in bitcoin by $5 thousand, and then his company Tesla announced the purchase of bitcoin in the amount of $1.5 billion, which provoked an increase of another $5,000. Thus, in principle, only Elon Musk is responsible for a fifth of the cost of the "cue ball" at this time. It's scary to imagine what will happen if Musk or other similar businessmen comment on cryptocurrencies every couple of days. However, Musk decided to give bitcoin a break and switched to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. In the social network Twitter, Musk made a post in which he supports the potential solution of large holders of the Dogecoin. According to Musk, the problem with the token is that it is concentrated in too narrow a circle of owners. After this statement, Dogecoin fell by 19%. Earlier, the same Elon Musk commented on the same cryptocurrency Dogecoin (wrote that it is undervalued) and then followed a powerful growth. Thus, only one owner of Tesla is responsible for four powerful jumps in the cryptocurrency market and this is only in the last 7-10 days. Well, traders can once again personally observe what is happening in the cryptocurrency market and what are the reasons for this. Bitcoin, by the way, this night again rose in price and is already worth almost $50,000 per coin. At the same time, it is still extremely difficult to name at least one fundamental reason why the cryptocurrency has grown 5 times in a few months. And it's not just Bitcoin that's growing! Other cryptocurrencies are also being pulled up, ergo, the entire cryptocurrency market is growing. The more news of this nature from Elon Musk or other major investors and companies we will receive, the more likely it is that cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in price. We continue to insist that sooner or later there will be a collapse. There will not be a scenario in which bitcoin will grow to $100,000 per coin, and then adjust to $80,000 and remain at this level in the medium term. No, when large investors start taking profits on long positions, then the "domino effect" will begin, everyone will immediately rush to sell bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies at the maximum value, which will lead to the collapse of the entire cryptocurrency market, as it was already in 2017. Therefore, we still believe that bitcoin is a great tool to make money, but we need to be prepared for its collapse.

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