Stability in the global oil market despite tensions in the Middle East


Oil prices have stabilized as Iran's hysteria around the nuclear program has been restrained by the more serious problems of global economic growth and, therefore, the demand for oil. Futures for the supply of Brent crude oil traded at 64.22 dollars per barrel. American WTI - 57.49 dollars per barrel. Iran threatened to resume uranium enrichment on Monday, undermining the 2015 nuclear agreement, which Washington refused. Trump imposed sanctions on Iran, which then agreed to limit its nuclear program under an agreement with leading world powers. On Sunday, Trump made another warning to Iran. "They better be careful," said the US leader. Nevertheless, the escalation of the conflict could not give impetus to the growth of the value of "black gold". Oil prices are still under pressure from concerns about demand. "The fact that the market responds so poorly to the tense situation in the Middle East is a reflection of a very well-secured market as a whole," noted SEB. The trade war between the United States and China overshadowed the prospects for global economic growth and, accordingly, the demand for oil. The growth rate of the global economy remains the focus of the entire market.

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