Soros: "cold" war between the United States and China could turn into a "hot"


The famous American financier George Soros believes that the United States and China are in a state of cold war, while there is a danger of it becoming a "hot one".

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros said that the current relationship between the United States and China can be described as "a cold war that could escalate into a hot one."

According to him, the United States should pursue an effective policy towards China, but now President Donald Trump seems to follow a different course: he makes concessions to China, while he declares victory and at the same time leads attacks on the US allies.

J. Soros believes that this practice harms the main goal of the presidential administration, to curb abuses and excesses on the part of the PRC.

According to the American financier, China is an authoritarian regime, which at the same time is a rich, strong and technologically advanced state, which makes President Xi Jinping the most dangerous opponent for an open society.

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