Trading Plan 12/14/2018

Trading Plan 12/14/2018

The overall picture: the market analyzes the news.

The main headlines of the news has passed.

ECB Decision: A huge in size and time program completed to inject liquidity into the markets with 2.6 trillion euros for 4 years.

The ECB rates will remain low until the summer of 2019. However, the money received from the redemption of bonds is about to expire. Purchases by the ECB under the QE program will not be withdrawn from the market but reinvested again in order not to compress the money supply.

On the EU Brexit Summit: Theresa May did not receive new support from the EU to fight for the approval of an agreement with the EU in the British Parliament. Theresa May hoped to get new guarantees, especially on the border with Ireland. However, on the contrary, the EU leaders tightened the tone of the statement after the meeting.

Theresa May was told - we see your heroic efforts to advance the agreement - but we don't see results.

The pound fell but not much.

Pound: We are ready to buy from 1.2690.


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