GBP/USD m30. Operational analysis of traffic on 09-11 Oct 2018. APLs & ZUP

SubMinuette (m30)

Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar

Previous review from 24.09.2018 09:29 UTC+00.


The movement of the GBP/USD currency pair 09-11 October 2018, will be due to the development of the border levels of the channel 1/2 Median Line (1.3065 <-> 1.3053 <-> 1.3042) of the Micro operational scale.

The markup for working out the above levels of the borders of the 1/2 Median Line channel at the operating scale of Micro is presented on an animated graph.


The prospect of the downward movement (sell)

Breakdown of the support level 1.3042 (lower limit of the channel 1/2 Median line Micro) - > continuation of the downward movement of GBP/USD to the boundaries of the equilibrium zone (1.3035 <-> 1.3010 <-> 1.2990) Micro operational scale fork and 1/2 channel Median Line (1.3025 <-> 1.2997 <-> 1.2970) the pitchfork is of operational scale SubMinuette.

Details are shown on the animated chart.


The prospect of upward movement (buy)

The breakdown of the resistance level of 1.3065 (upper border of the channel 1/2 Median Line fork operating scale. [B]Micro[B]) -> variant of development of the upward movement of GBP/USD to the objectives -> the starting line SSL SubMinuette (1.3085) <-> reference line UTL Micro (1.3100) <-> local maximum 1.3105 <-> control line UTL SubMinuette (1.3115) <-> warning line UWL38.2 (1.3135) <-> UWL 61.8 (1.3165) fork operational scale SubMinuette.

Details look at the animated chart.


The review is made without taking into account the news background, the opening of trading sessions of the main financial centers and is not a guide to action (placing orders "sell" or "buy").


Materials for the study of analysis ZUP & APL`s.

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