US again "courting" China

The unexpected offer of Americans to resume negotiations with China on trade duties on Wednesday evening led to a surge of optimism in the markets and a local weakening of the US dollar.

It seems that the US will not abandon the desire to "dent" China in the issue of the ratio of trade between countries. So far, they have not been able to do this, because the main problem of "exceptional", in our opinion, is their arrogance towards trading partners and the desire to use any methods to achieve their narrow-minded economic and political goals without taking them into account.

Earlier we have already mentioned that the trade balance not only, according to the latest data, has not shifted in favor of the Americans, but also fell, and the PRC's appeal to the WTO to punish the United States for their illegal actions could force the latter to resort to a new round of negotiations. Also, they may have realized that D. Trump's latest threats to expand the impact of new import tariffs by another 267 billion dollars did not have an effective impact on the leadership of "China", which was the reason for the desire to continue the negotiation process.

On this wave, the US and European stock indexes were supported by the results of trading on Wednesday, but already on Thursday the Chinese did not show such unambiguous optimism, which indicates that local investors are not confident in the success and perceive the proposals of the Americans as another trick and nothing more. We also believe that there will be no success in this process unless the United States engages in constructive and truly equitable negotiations.

Given this state of affairs, we believe that the weakening of the dollar against commodities and commodity currencies will be local, which means that after the weakening of the US currency and another disappointment in the negotiations, we can observe a turn in the interest of market players towards purchases.

On Thursday, from the important events of the day we will highlight the outcome of the ECB meeting on monetary policy. We do not expect any breakthrough statements and changes in the bank's policy. It is likely that it will continue with its plan and then smoothly reduce the program of quantitative easing until the end of this year, which is positive for the euro. But it is unlikely to expect its strong growth when paired with the US dollar, as the process of raising rates in the US will compensate for the pressure of the euro, so we believe that the overall sideways trend of the euro/dollar pair in the short term will continue.

The forecast for today:

The EUR/USD pair is trading in the range of 1.1530-1.1650 in anticipation of the ECB meeting. Probably, the pair will remain in this range, turning down and rushing to its lower border.

The AUD/USD pair is trading above 0.7170. We do not expect a strong growth of the pair, as the RBA is unlikely to decide before the end of this year to raise rates on the wave of instability in the world. A price decrease below 0.7170 may be the reason for the price to fall to 0.7100.



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