Trading plan 05/09/2018

Trading plan 05/09/2018

The overall picture: Trump hit the markets.

On Tuesday, Trump announced the US withdrawal from the "nuclear deal" with Iran and about imposing the most stringent sanctions against Iran (for the continuation of nuclear and missile programs despite the agreement). I recall that just before this decision, the heads of Germany and France personally met with Trump and asked him not to break the deal.

The markets already felt the impact. Oil rose in price to 71 dollars, the maximum since 2014. Iran is the third largest oil supplier in OPEC. Boeing and Airbus lost a deal for $ 40 billion. Now, it is impossible to supply airplanes and spare parts to Iran.

Probability of tension in the US-EU direction is due to Iran, and the situation in the Middle East is aggravated.

While markets continue to buy the dollar but we expect the dollar to fall in the coming days.


We are buying from 1.3460. We sell from 1.3770.


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