Elliott wave analysis of USDX for October 4, 2017

The Dollar index has most probably completed a corrective bounce of a zig zag type (A-B-C) at recent highs. This implies that the next downward leg has already started and we should expect the Dollar index to reach 90 or lower.


Red lines - bullish channel

From the lows at 91.50 the Dollar index has completed 5 waves up. This is wave C. The rise from 91 to 92.66 is clearly a three-wave move and that is why is labeled as wave A. The entire formation is most probably the entire upward correction. Price has also broken out of the bullish channel.


Black lines - bearish channel

Blue lines - expectation

The Dollar index is in a bearish trend. The recent bounce is just part of a corrective wave up and we should soon see the resumption of the down trend towards 90 or even lower. In elliott wave terms, this scenario will strengthen once price breaks below 92.66 this way any possibility of a bullish scenario will be canceled.

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