Bitcoin analysis for 19/10/2017

Bitcoin analysis for 19/10/2017:

As it is known, WikiLeaks is a salt in the eye of governments and fraudulent corporations. It is usually publishing secret documents that compromise governments and corporations or place them in the bad light. Because of this, the service has become very uncomfortable and is the target of attacks. So, how can you simply destroy this kind of webpage? Cut it off from funding sources. That's what happened. In 2010, the US government forced the banks, Visa and MasterCard to block Julian Assange Foundation. The service was temporarily cut off from the funds. It was then that Assange became interested in Bitcoin and started investing in it. In 2011, WikiLeaks started accepting bitcoins. To date, 26,215 grants have been received for a total of 4,024 Bitcoins. According to Assange, the unsuccessful bear of the United States has brought the investment of his foundation 50,000% return.

In the example of WikiLeaks, you can see the power of Bitcoin, which cannot be shut down or blocked, even at the government's request. Bitcoin gives the owner freedom and new possibilities. With Bitcoin, there may be sites that show uncomfortable truths or opposing government restrictions and orders of any kind.

Let's now take a look at the Bitcoin technical picture in the H4 time frame. The price has bounced from the level of $5,097 and is currently trading around the level of $5,589. The corrective (a)(b)(c) structure in wave (iv) might have been completed, so now there is only wave (v) left. The first target level for wave (v) is the round number of $6,000. The oversold market conditions support the bullish bias.

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