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The stock market is on the verge of a spectacular collapse. How, when, and why?

During the current year, the US stock market has confidently demonstrated record growth. However, many Wall Street experts warn that the situation of investors will become much more unstable in the near future.

So, since the beginning of 2021, the S&P 500 stock index has already set more than 50 records. In this regard, analysts remind us of the increased probability of a rollback or a decrease in profitability.


A duet of investment euphoria and concern that inflation and supply instability will affect the profits of large companies can also contribute to the transition to sharp negative market dynamics.

So, strategists from Bank of America shifted their target indicator of the S&P 500 at the end of the year to 4250 points, which is 4.7% lower than the level of 4458.58 points, which the index showed last Friday.

At the same time, most investors in the US stock market explained their permanently bullish position by the minimum profitability indicators for alternative assets.

Active support for the stock market in 2021 was provided, among other things, by the soft monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve. Traders were attracted by the high yield of securities of large corporations, in particular those that earned on the COVID-19 pandemic.

But already in the September reports of analysts, hints of concern about other market segments began to appear. So, last week, experts from the American financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley reduced the share of US shares in the portfolio to a level "below the benchmark," emphasizing that they prefer securities of European and Japanese companies.

By the way, signs of a decline in the US stock market can be seen when analyzing last week's last trading sessions. And if the negative dynamics continue in the market further, then the rollback at the end of September will be the first monthly rollback of the S&P 500 stock index since January of this year.

During the coming week, the participants of the American stock market will evaluate the latest data on inflation in the States from the Ministry of Labor of the country and analyze the comments of representatives of central banks on the further decisions of the Fed. So, some experts expect the curtailment of the regulator's economic stimulus program as a possible risk for the stock market.

It is important to note that market analysts have made similar cautionary statements before. Throughout 2021, many Wall Street experts expressed concern about the excess in the stock market, and its participants periodically feared a large-scale pullback.

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