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Clouds are gathering over the largest exchange Binance: the US authorities are closely engaged in the exchange on the subject


Clouds are gathering over the largest Binance exchange. The US authorities have launched a major investigation involving the Binance exchange for involvement in possible insider trading and market manipulation.

A recent Bloomberg report said that all the points where it was clear that the exchange's employees had benefited from using the client will be studied. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission had a hand in this investigation. Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of transaction volume.

The US authorities want to find out whether the cryptocurrency exchange was engaged in frauds and speculative actions, but Binance denies all the accusations regarding unfair play and various kinds of manipulations.

The company claims to have a strict code of ethics and a zero-tolerance policy, which is a catalyst to curb any illegal activity that could be very bad for its investor clients. The exchange very closely monitors such violations and dismissals - this can be the easiest consequence of such a violation.

However, US regulators are confident that Binance illegally committed insider trading and manipulated the entire cryptocurrency market. After such statements from the United States, many other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, also turned their attention to this exchange.

According to them, Binance operates outside the legal field and without permission in these countries, respectively, the exchange does not have the right to work in the states. The other day, the US Department of Justice engaged in a criminal investigation regarding the Binance exchange and rumors that it is engaged in money laundering and tax evasion.

Before that, the exchange has never been caught in any offenses or manipulations in the market. These investigations cannot lead to any radical action at the official level.

Binance has fully expanded its international regulatory compliance team. The most notable figures who work there are former US Treasury criminal investigator Greg Monahan, Jonathan Farnell - director of the complex, as well as former FATF head Josee Nadeau, who works as an adviser on compliance with regulation.

Former US Senator Max Baucus is also an adviser. In the wake of these twists and turns, the proprietary token of the Binance BNB exchange fell by 2 percent.

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