Nearly $5 million worth of precious metals stolen in robbery


A real-life Hollywood scene unfolded on the streets of Amsterdam when thousands of dollars worth of gold and platinum was stolen from an armored vehicle that was making a weekly delivery to a smelting facility.

According to Dutch media reports, the robbery ended with a chase as some of the criminals ended up fleeing the scene with nearly $5 million worth of precious metals.

The armored vehicle was identified as the Brink's transport truck that arrived at Schone Edelmetaal smelter. The robbers were reportedly wearing bulletproof vests and came with several cars, all equipped with walkie-talkies.

The suspects tied up company employees and security guards and then loaded the precious metals into their cars.

The police arrested six men following a high-speed chase, recovering more than $12 million worth of precious metals. One suspect was shot by police.

At the time, police thought they had recovered all of the stolen loot, but local media reported that an investigation by the smelter Schone Edelmetaal later revealed that nearly $5 million worth of precious metals was still missing. And three more suspects remain on the run.

The missing gold and platinum arrived in the Netherlands from Germany.

The total value of the armored truck was nearly $80 million.

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