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Cryptocurrencies are the best assets against corruption and inflation


Various analytical companies have long drawn analogies between corruption and poverty. The world-famous company Transparency International conducted a study where it showed a direct link between poverty and the percentage of the population who gave bribes in fiat.

Various analytical institutes have come to the conclusion that blockchain technology can contribute to the process of investigating corruption, since this technology can eliminate what would otherwise last for years, in just one click.

The federal government is trying to do everything to regulate the cryptocurrency market, track shadow transactions and manage user data. All the data stored in the blockchain software is almost impossible to lose, since they are shared between several computers, and the encryption of bitcoin and other altcoins completely protects your data.

Governments of many countries must find a compromise with citizens and offer various incentives to encourage their citizens to switch to the crypto market and digitalize.

More than 200 million people are already users of crypto exchanges and owners of cryptocurrencies. This is all due to the fact that bitcoin is decentralized and is not subject to the authorities and world banks.

People want to be independent from banks, the International Monetary Fund, defaults, devaluations, and so on, so cryptocurrencies are the best way to gain freedom and profitability. The rest of the people are simply not sufficiently aware of digital gold and the altcoin market, and are also afraid of the volatility of crypto assets, their anonymous structure and the lack of insurance in case of emergency situations.

More than one and a half billion people do not have bank accounts, and everyone has their own reasons for this. Many people do not want to bother with long documents and monotonous visits to banks for processing loans and bank accounts, many like an independent crypto climate, where everything happens without the participation of third parties and corrupt schemes.

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