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Hot forecast for EUR/USD on June 28, 2021

There is nothing surprising in the fact that there was almost no activity last Friday. No serious macroeconomic data was published. The only surge in activity occurred at the time of the publication of data on personal income and expenses in the United States. However, the scale of fluctuations turned out to be quite modest. The data are still frankly of a secondary importance. Neverthelexx, as a result, the single European currency still fell slightly in price. At first, it even tried to grow, since personal expenses in the United States did not grow by 0.4%, but remained unchanged. To some extent, this is a negative factor, since it means that consumer activity, which is the main driver of the American economy, is simply not growing. However, it has nothing to grow from, since personal income has decreased by 2.0%. Strangely enough, this was the reason for the weakening of the single European currency in the end, because they were waiting for a 3.0% reduction in spending. In general, although the data were largely negative, they still turned out to be better than forecasts. Nevertheless, the scale of all these movements is quite modest, and in fact we need to say that the market is at a standstill, from which it is unlikely to be able to break out today. Today, the macroeconomic calendar is absolutely empty, so market participants simply have nothing to focus on.

Personal Income (United States):


The EUR/USD currency pair continues to fluctuate within the boundaries of 1.1915/1.1955, as if having a process of accumulation of trading forces. The market dynamics has low indicators, but from time to time there are local speculative jumps, which signals a possible acceleration at the end of the stagnation.

If we proceed from the current location of the quote, the amplitude fluctuation of the price in the established corridor is still relevant in the market.

It can be assumed that the accumulation process will sooner or later lead to an acceleration stage, where the most optimal trading tactic is considered to be the method of breaking a particular border, working on the momentum coming from the range.

From the point of view of complex indicator analysis, it can be seen that technical instruments on the minute and hour period have a variable buy/sell signal, due to the amplitude of the price movement. The daily period, as before, indicates the prevailing downward interest, signaling a sale.


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