Japan's stock market: new week begins with rise, coronavirus continues spreading

At the end of the previous week, the Japanese government introduced the state of emergency in four prefectures. Several days ago, expectations of restrictive measures caused a slump in the market. The introduction of these measures led to high bullish activity. Investors supposed that after the introduction of restrictive measures, the stocks, which were volatile amid the news about the coronavirus spread, would rise.

At the beginning of the new trading week, Japan's stock market advanced. On Monday, April 26, Nikkei 225 closed the trade above 29,100. analytics6086e5f76e983.jpg

The most significant growth was recorded in the transport sector. ANA Holdings Inc. (+5.78%), West Japan Railway Co. (+5.23%), and Central Japan Railway Co. (+4.67%) are among the best performers. At the same time, investors' activity cannot be described as extremely high. It seemed that they took the wait-and-see approach. Notably, the number of the companies whose stocks rose and the number of the companies whose stocks fell is almost the same.

At the same time, Japan reported on a stable deflation. It is a positive factor, but the coronavirus is the Damocles' sword that is hanging over the country's economy. That is why it is really wisely to remain cautious when investing in the Japanese stock market. At the moment, it is possible to determine the main trend in the market.

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