Bitcoin can be killed by its creator. The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto is capable of destabilizing the market.


The world has seen a dozen self-proclaimed creators of bitcoin since 2010. However, it is still not known for certain who Satoshi Nakamoto is and if there was such a person at all? Most experts tend to believe that there are one or more IT specialists behind this pseudonym, who are the creators of bitcoin. However, it is still unknown exactly who it is. Thus, something else is known. According to the calculations of many analytical services, it turns out that a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto are not only the creators of bitcoin, but also one of its largest holders. In the hands of this person or group of persons, more than 1.1 million coins can be concentrated, which is currently the equivalent of $ 50 billion. Naturally, these coins are not at the same address. However, if their owner decides to sell the coins, it can bring down the bitcoin quotes. It is worth recalling that there can be no more than 21 million coins in total. Of these, about 2 million coins have not yet been mined. About 13 - 14 million coins are in the wallets of their owners and do not participate in the movement. It turns out that the entire bitcoin market now is a maximum of 5 million coins. What will happen if 1 million coins arrive on this market at once? The price will collapse. However, this scenario sounds like science fiction. Even in 2010, few people believed that bitcoin would be worth $ 50,000. They were then paid for pizza. However, there is another opinion. Most likely, bitcoin is already separating itself from such a thing as dependence on a single investor. Of course, this process is not very fast, but the more popularized the cryptocurrency, the more owners it will have, the less volatile it will be. Sooner or later, all the coins will be distributed among a huge number of investors and traders. Imagine if at least one billion people on the planet will have a certain amount of BTC, the total number of which can not exceed 21,000,000! This means that the price of bitcoin will be much higher than it is now, but at the same time, no one will be able to move the cryptocurrency quotes with tweets on the social network. That is, in 10 years, bitcoin can really become as similar as possible to ordinary fiat money, while it will remain completely anonymous and decentralized. However, this point is still very far away and the cryptocurrency has to overcome many obstacles on the way to the status of a single world currency.

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