EUR/USD: U.S Capitol attack is not the beginning of US revolution



Politics: A large group of Trump supporters, who were dissatisfied with the election, attacked the US Capitol yesterday. But why did not and will not become a revolution?

There are two reasons for this and the ff are:

The first reason is that the elections in the United States, which were just held in November with Trump not having the victory, were fair. Moreover, there are also fair courts in the US and all courts (and there are many Trump supporters among judges) have denied Trump's claims, as there is no hard evidence that Trump is right.

Therefore, even most Pro-Trump supporters know that Mr. Donald Trump has lost.

The second reason is that Trump, who himself told his supporters to go to the Capitol, was afraid of the consequences. He called on everyone to disperse an hour later. And although he was not the leader behind the protest, his deputy Mike Pence sent special forces to disperse the protesters. At least 4 people were killed due to the clash.

It can be concluded that it was the right thing that Trump was not elected.

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