Forecast for EUR/USD on October 20, 2020


The euro has grown by 50 points on Monday. News agencies attribute the growth to hopes for a stimulus package in the United States before the presidential election and the imminent appearance of a coronavirus vaccine. As a rule, there are two cases why the media releases information: to cover up speculative operations, and when no one knows the reason. At the moment, we do not see any sense in speculative operations, respectively, this is how large players operate. Appetite for risk in the market has not increased, as US stock indexes lost around one and a half percent yesterday.


Nevertheless, the momentum is set, the price could slightly rise a little more before it decisively falls. The growth target could be the October 6 high at 1.1808. The price crossed the balance indicator line on the daily chart, while Marlin entered the growth zone. A delay above the levels will strengthen the bulls' position and the pair could grow to 1.1915 in the near future - to the MACD line on the daily timeframe. If the pair closes below 1.1754, which will also correspond to the close below the balance line, then a deeper movement down to the target levels 1.1650 and 1.1550 will begin tomorrow.


The price settled above both indicator lines on the four-hour chart, Marlin is in the positive zone, indicating a short-term downward reversal. Here the situation repeats the daily scenarios - the price settling below 1.1754, respectively, and below the MACD line, will become a platform for reaching 1.1650. Settling in the area above 1.1808 will not yet be a condition for rising to 1.1915 just yet, as there are other resistances along this speculative and volatile path. For example, 1.1831 is the peak on October 9.

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