Brief trading recommendations for EUR/USD and GBP/USD on 09/29/20


The EUR/USD pair, moving along a downward course, found a pivot point around the level of 1.1615, where it slowed down and formed the first correction in six trading days. It can be seen that the high of the corrective move coincides with the area of pullback/stagnation on September 25 - 1.1680 (+/- 10 points), which in theory, could become a variable resistance.

Based on the obtained data on the quote, we can assume that the price correction will end soon, where the role of resistance will be played by one of the two possible coordinates – 1.1680 or 1.1710, where regular price stops were seen in history.


On the other hand, the GBP/USD pair managed to show activity, breaking the upper limit of 1.2900 after a three-day fluctuation in the range of 1.2674/1.2770. It should be noted that the market has been in a downward direction since the beginning of September, where the current activity is a corrective movement that will be used by sellers later to resume the original direction.

Based on the data obtained on the quotes, we can assume that there will be a decline if the price is consolidated below 1.2825, which will return the quote to the level of 1.2770. This will signal the continuation of the downward trend.


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