GBP / USD Daily. Prospects for the development of the movement in October 2018. Analysis of APLs & ZUP

Minute (Daily)

Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar

Previous review from 08/27/2018 15:25 UTC + 3.


Today, October 1, 2018, the GBP / USD movement is in the range of:

-> resistance level of 1.3149 (lower limit of ISL 38.2 balance zone of the fork of an operational scale Minute);

-> support level of 1.2949 (upper limit of the channel 1/2 Median Line pitchfork operating scale Minor);

The direction of the breakdown of which will determine the further development trend of the movement of the currency instrument in October 2018


The breakdown of the resistance level of 1.3149 (ISL 38.2 Minute)

-> the development of the GBP / USD movement will continue in the equilibrium zone (1.3149; 1.3310; 1.3480) of the Minute operating scale with a perspective (after the breakdown of ISL 61.8 Minute - resistance level of 1.3480) achieve the initial SSL line (1.3740) for the operating scale Minor.

Details are shown on the animated graph.


The prospect of the development of a downward movement (sell).

The breakdown of the support level of 1.2949 (crossing the upper borders of the 1 / 2 ML channels of the operational scale forks; Minor and Minute)

-> the development of the GBP / USD movement will continue in the 1/2 Median Line Minute channel (1.2949; 1.2830; 1.2710), and in the case of breakdown of the lower limit (1.2710) of this channel and updating of the local minimum of 1.2661, it will be possible to achieve the goals

-> 1/2 Median Line Minor (1.2570); the upper limit of the ISL 38.2 (1.2255) balance zone of the pitchfork of the operational scale Minor; the lower boundary of the channel 1/2 Median Line Minor (1.2200).

Details are shown at the animated graphics.


The review was compiled without taking into account the news background, the opening of trading sessions in the main financial centers and is not a guide to action (placing orders "sell" or "buy").


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