Trading plan 11/05/2018

Trading plan 11/05/2018

The general picture: A lull in the market.

There is a local pause in the markets. The news on Iran's withdrawal from the nuclear deal with the US has somewhat receded - the solidary refusal of the US allies to support Trump on this issue has cooled the topic. On the other hand, the exchange of blows between Iran and Israel keeps everyone in suspense, but for now, it is on a pause.

News on the US economy also does not give impetus. There is no reason to expect an acceleration in the rate increase of the dollar.

It is likely that we will see a shift from a trend of dollar strengthening to a consolidation.

GBP / USD pair: Expect a range.

We are buying this pair from the level of 1.3460.

We are selling this pair from the level of 1.3770.


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