Brent says goodbye to summer

Futures prices for the North Sea Fort continue to consolidate in the range of $50-54 per barrel amid uncertainty about further dynamics of global oil reserves. On one hand, the information from PetroLogistics about the reduction of OPEC production volume by 419,000 bpd in August and the decrease in the cartel's exports by 750,000 bpd, as well as the continuing peak of US stocks give grounds to assert that the ball in the market. The "bulls" rule, on the other hand, shows that investors greatly think about the question: what will happen when the summer is over?

From the level of the March highs, black gold reserves in the USA decreased by 13%, to 466 million barrels. Nevertheless, US production has risen to a level of 9.5 million b/d, the highest since July 2015. But there is a decrease in rigs by 5 per week indicated by signals on August 18, showing a gradual slowdown in the growth rate of the indicator in the future. These processes are seasonal in nature and are associated with the dynamic activity of car enthusiasts, which increases the demand for gasoline. The question is that when the car season is over, will this become the basis for the growth of stocks? If so, the gains of the bulls on Brent and WTI may be in the past.

The dynamics of US oil reserves and quotations WTI


Source: Bloomberg.

OPEC has the same scenario as mentioned above, although, with regard to the cartel, it is necessary to talk about other time horizons. The agreement to cut production by 1.8 million bpd will end in March 2018, and now it is untimely to talk about its prolongation in November, which is accomplished by Kuwait's oil minister Essam al-Marzouq . Perhaps, he is trying to create a new growth driver for black gold, but it is expected to be done after the due date. Meanwhile, investors' attention is focused on the dynamics of US stocks and production. According to the forecasts of Bloomberg experts, the first indicator will continue to decline by -3.5 million barrels. However, as noted above, the efficiency of the seasonal factor captured the minds of participants in market battles.

Uncertainty and speculation in conditions when some players are on vacation, which allows us to talk about the thin market and lead to sharp movements of prices in different directions. So, the data from the CFTC stating that speculators cut the net-long by WTI for the second week in a row (-5 688, or 2% of the net long position in 274,441 contracts) became the reason for sharp oil sales.

In favor of consolidation development, the stabilization of the US dollar price also speaks. It crosses below the turning point of strong macroeconomic statistics and political risks. So far, further movement seems directionless.

Technically, the breakthrough of the upper border of the inner bar near the $53 mark per barrel will increase the risks of continuing the northern Brent march in the upstream trading channel. On the contrary, the return of prices to the lower border of the domestic bar at $51.3, with the successful consecutive tests on the diagonal support, is expected for a development of correction in the direction of at least $50 per barrel.

Brent Daily Chart


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