Visa will partner with over 50 crypto companies around the world: great news for those looking to spend and convert fiat


Visa recently announced that the company will cooperate with more than 50 cryptocurrency companies, including such heavyweights of the cryptocurrency market like Coinbase and FTX. This is a very big step towards the cryptocurrency market and full digital adaptation. Customers can now directly dispose of their funds and convert cryptocurrencies through their card program.

This cooperation will allow customers to easily convert fiat savings into cryptocurrency and spend their assets in millions of retail outlets around the world, even where cryptocurrency is not accepted.

Everything will be extremely transparent for users, and this will be the most common transaction. Now, in the blink of an eye, you can convert your fiat funds and digital assets, and vice versa.

This is done due to the fact that millions of VISA users are also owners of crypto assets, and millions of online sellers around the world do not want to understand what crypto technologies are, nor get acquainted with the blockchain. At the moment, Visa customers can spend their fiat savings in the shortest possible time, exchange cryptocurrency for money, and receive cashback in the crypt to their card.

This will be a real know-how, since there has never been such a thing in practice that it would be possible to receive bitcoins or ethereum as cashback. Back in late March, Visa announced that it would allow its customers to use USD Coin to settle payment transactions on its platform.

Visa has tested the payment option through the payment platform and the Anchorage Digital asset bank. Customers should be able to use fiat currencies, cryptocurrency assets, and convert them if desired.

This should be a very good impulse for an upward trend for both Bitcoin and all altcoins. After such an application from Visa, even more users will want to buy or exchange cryptocurrency using such a reliable platform as Visa.

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