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Gold or Bitcoin: Which asset can be a safe haven and protect against inflation in 2021?


Gold or Bitcoin, what to choose in 2021? Now, this is a pressing and urgent issue, and the choice is between gold and digital gold. So which asset is the best and most effective remedy for inflation and potential market collapses? For decades, various institutional investors have chosen gold exclusively as a remedy for inflation and potential market collapses.

Gold as such has no credit risks but has only an exclusively intrinsic value due to limited supply, so for many years various investors have chosen gold as an effective tool in the event of a market collapse or staggering inflation and almost always made the right decision.

Bitcoin is a good remedy for short to medium-time inflation, while gold is an ideal long-term defensive asset. It is not as volatile as bitcoin, which may be worth $29,000 in January, and then show its highs and break the milestone of $65,000 in the spring, and return to the level of $29,000 in July, losing 53 percent of its value.

Now, many institutions are hesitant in choosing between gold and bitcoins, since each asset has its own pros and cons. Bitcoin wins in the moment of "reflexive trading" or anticipation of impending inflation. Bitcoin is completely decentralized and does not depend on banks and governments of any country, which is why many investors choose bitcoin solely because of its decentralization and growth prospects in 2021.

Gold and bitcoin are very similar, as they are identical protectors against inflation in the market. The number one digital currency, like gold, is in limited supply.

At the moment, there are only 21 million bitcoins in circulation. Since the lion's share of bitcoins is trading against the dollar in a pair, if the dollar falls in value, and there is no corresponding concomitant fall in bitcoin prices, then the number one cryptocurrency will rise in value. However, many institutions are still faced with the choice of the ideal remedy for inflation.

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