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Tesla will be ready to accept Bitcoin again as an electric vehicle payment but with one condition


Tesla will be ready to resume accepting Bitcoin as payment for electric cars, but there is one condition. Elon Musk said on Twitter yesterday that Tesla would be ready to resume accepting Bitcoin as payment if clean energy production reaches 50%. This could be an exciting reversal and another driver of Bitcoin's growth. After Musk refused to accept Bitcoin as payment earlier, he, Michael Saylor, and other various crypto enthusiasts began working with miners to improve mining and raise it to a new level in terms of environmental orientation.

After El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin as a legal means of payment, this could be another major catalyst for the cryptocurrency's dramatic growth and transition to a long bull market.

As soon as Elon Musk comes to a consensus with the miners regarding the production of clean energy at the level of 50% and sees that mining does not harm the environment, Tesla will immediately turn its attention to Bitcoin and immediately add it to the list of payment methods. The whole world knows how Elon Musk can influence cryptocurrencies, and many crypto-enthusiasts and institutionalists constantly scold Musk for his incorrect conduct of politics on Twitter.

It is worth noting that various holders have already spoken unflatteringly about Elon Musk during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, saying that he has no right to influence the market with his ridiculous tweets. It seems that Elon has heard unflattering reviews from many people and gradually wants to correct his mistake by giving a go signal to Bitcoin again.

So, Elon Musk said that he sold only 10% of bitcoins for the purpose of checking for liquidity, and did not forget to add that he has diamond hands, which means that he will keep the cryptocurrency until the last. There is a high probability that a consensus will be reached this month after a conversation with American miners, which was conducted not without the participation of Saylor and Musk, and the result will be promising. As early as this month, Tesla will be ready to accept Bitcoin with an open arms.

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